Pinklady Cheese Tart


Our cheese mousse is made with three types of cheese and cream with a perfect balance of sweet and salty.    For our crusts, we use a double baked method to create the crispy delicious tartlets. 

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stack of Japanese cheese tarts in various flavors
Japanese cheese tarts in chocolate, original and matcha flavors
mango and strawberry yogurt flavored smoothies


Enjoy them as is!
Best consumed fresh within the same day of purchase.


Enjoy them chilled!
Chill them in the fridge and enjoy the cheese tart like a chilled cheesecake.

Four Ways to Enjoy our Cheese Tarts


Enjoy them frozen!
Put them in your freezer and enjoy it like an ice-cream cheese tart.


Enjoy them warm!
Re-heat them with an oven toaster to enjoy them just like they were freshly baked.

Fluffy Japanese Baked Cheese Tarts

all the flavors of pink lady cheese tarts with a to-go container

Have to say, the cheese tarts were pretty darn good!” 

These cheese tarts are surprisingly good! Far better than I expected. The crust is perfect and the cheese/filling is thick with the right amount of sweetness and tang. The best cheese tarts I’ve had!”

– Elizabeth H