About Us

 A cozy shop in New York Chinatown, called Pinklady, is the latest home for the irresistible ooze of sweet molten cheese in Japanese Cheese Tarts, which has been spreading around the globe. Owner Jean Lim grew up in Malaysia, where shops selling individual Japanese cheese tarts had been very popular with her friends and family for years. It was only in 2019, on a trip home from New York City, that she tasted one for the first time. “It was okay,” she said, “but it could have been cheesier.” The attraction of these cheese tarts is that eaten fresh out of the oven, their creamy middles offer an alluring molten melt of cheese, making them an instant Instagram darling.

Lim had moved to New York for college several years previously but realized that wasn’t the path for her. She had always imagined running a business. So, in 2020, she took a giant leap and opened the petite Pinklady. “Life is short,” says Lim, “you have to go for your dream.” 

Since 2020

Pinklady Cheese Tarts use the best quality cheese and cream to create the fluffy yet decadent cheese tarts. They have been featured in NBC New York and other blog sites such as Cheese Professor and Food Lover Girl. Many people have also posted on instagram to share contents about this dessert! 


About Me

Hello! I’m Jean

I was born and raised in Malaysia and came to visit New York City in 2015. I grew to love this city and decided to stay here for the eclectic and vibrant atmosphere and the diverse group of people. I want to uplift the Chinatown community and the people, so I opened Pinklady Cheese tart right here!

Fun fact: I love to travel, bake and make new friends! I am part of Run for Chinatown, which is a weekly running group that spreads awareness and provides economic support to the Asian & Pacific Islander communities in New York City.